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 YgoBeast247's Resalts

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PostSubject: YgoBeast247's Resalts   Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:50 am

Testee's name: YgoBeast247

Testee's deck: Scrubby Satellars

Tester's name: Nin-Jutsu (Borokiller)

Tester's deck: 360 Masked Blazeman HEROes

Duel results: 20/20 (0-2)

Rulings: 7/10

Flexibility: 5/5
He was flexible towards my Absolute Zero and my Masked Hero Acid. He either 101ed them or used Deltaro's effect.

Control of Duel: 3/5
Sometimes he did not have control over the field as I was swarming the field, then always top-decked cards that gave him the edge.. (got sacked)

Competitiveness: 10/10
Satellars are Meta, What do you expect?

Siding Skills: 10/10
Brilliant siding skills, fitted with his deck and sided the right cards against me.

Attitude: 5/5
Could have been more talkative...

Play-style and How Effectively it is Utilized: 19/20
There was a couple times where he could have easily killed me, but went for a more common play.

Concentration: 2/5
Tested him a lot with purpose mistakes, but he did not notice that I could only use one of Blazeman's effects per turn, this happened both games. (xD)

Synergy: 10/10
Satellars with a lot of traps.

Nope, no misplays at all.


LIGHTSWORN WHITE!!!! (barely made it you scrub go home no one likes you, and no i am not salty. well not a lot)
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PostSubject: Re: YgoBeast247's Resalts   Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:56 am

Nice work.
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YgoBeast247's Resalts

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