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PostSubject: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:22 am

First topic message reminder :

With The New Challengers coming into the TCG in a week and Secrets of Eternity just around the corner, new decks are bound to impact the meta. The homework here will be to analyze the decks coming in these packs and explain how they are going to influence the current metagame. The following assignments must be formatted in an organized article submitted to me through PM.

Gravekeeper Brown: Choose 3 of these new decks and thoroughly explaining their play styles and strengths.
Spellbook Green: Do the above assignment + how you think those decks will impact the current meta/face off against the top 3
Lightsworn White: Do the above 2 assignments but do not limit the decks to 3. Discuss the game as a whole and mention decks that you think have a chance to be top contenders. Also mention possible side deck choices to combat these decks.

ANY DORM: For extra DP, you can include a deck build of one of these decks.

Decks include but are not limited to these:
-hermit youkai
-spirit beast

I understand this is a lot and you shall be well rewarded for excellence. For this homework you'll be getting between 150-500 dp depending on how well you complete it. The "extra credit" will get you a flat 100 extra dp. This assignment will be separated and graded on different criteria between the dorms.
NOTE: You can also mentioned decks currently in the TCG that will be influenced by these.
Example: [High level monster decks will make Evilswarm a viable option again]

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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:56 pm

So first, Hermit Youkai is a pendulum deck. Though you can pendulum summon all your monsters it is not needed. All the Hermit Youkai have the same effect of when they are normal summoned they can normal summon another Hermit Youkai except another copy of itself. Kamaitachi of the Hermit Youkai can return 1 face-up card on the field on opponent's side of the field to the hand. Kamamitachi is able to attack directly, but battle damage is halved, Kamanitachi is one of the searchers in the deck. When another Hermit Youkai deals battle damage you can add 1 Hermit youkai card from your deck to your hand. Then you have Yamamisaki of the Hermit Youkai which has an Ally of Justice Catastor effect that states "At the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles a non-WIND monster: You can destroy that monster." However it is level 6 so it does require 1 tribute, however if it is pendulum sumomned you can destroy 1 card on opponent's side of the field. (Yes it does target.) Then you have Daibakaze. This one can only be special summoned by pendulum summon. However when it is summoned you can return up to 2 cards on the field back to the hand. This monster's pendulum summon also can not be negated. Next is your main pendulum monsters. Urenjinchu if in the pendulum zone you can change its scale to 11 however you can only special summon Hermit Youkai during the turn you use that effect. It's monster effect makes your opponent not being able to attack another Hermit Youkai. Then there is Sarenjinchu. Sarenjinchu when in pendulum zone allows you to destroy itself in replacement to your other Hermit Youkai monster(s). Also if it is in monster zone, it prevents your Hermit Youkai cards from being targeted by effects. Both these pendulum monsters have another effect. If they are normal summoned you have to change it to defense position. Now all Hermit Youkai have another similar effect (except for the main pendulums) which when they are normal summoned they return to the owner's hand at the end of the turn. Except for 2 of them Yamamisaki and Daibakaze. They only return to the hand if they are special summoned. Next is Hermit Youkai Shrine of Trials, this is your second searcher of the deck. Each time a Hermit Youkai is normal summoned or special summoned you put 1 counter on this card. If you remove 1 counter you increase the atk of all Hermit Youkai monsters on the field by 300 until the end of the turn. If you remove 3 counters you can add 1 Hermit Youkai card from your deck or graveyard to your hand. This is a continous spell card so if you remove counters and opponent chains MST these effects will not resolve as it must be on field to resolve. The last card is Secret Technique of the Hermit Youkai. This is a counter trap card in which you can negate the activation of a spell/trap/monster effect as long as you have a Hermit youkai card. This includes pendulum zones and Trials. Also you can only have Hermit Youkai monsters on field to activate. If you have any monsters that is. And with shrine and Kamamitachi you can search and recycle this trap card.

How does this deck compete with the top 3 decks. First with Kamaitachi you can bounce the shaddoll fusions/stellarknight xyz. Being able to make attacks more or less safely. But against shaddolls your opponent would not be able to recycle their shaddoll fusion essentially you beat the deck by wearing them down. Against stellarknights just bounce their xyz, attack, and turn the game into a grind game. Now vanity's emptiness won't slow this deck down as you will mostly normal summon in the deck. You can essentially summon five monsters in 1 turn if not 6. As long as you don't do something like this. Normal summon kamanitachi use kamanitachi's eff to normal summon another kamanitachi. Against Burning Abyss they can grind a bit better than this deck since even if you bounce their xyz they can still gain any possible effects from the detachment of the xyz when it goes back to the extra deck, but you can also bounce possible face up burning abyss monsters like scarm. You can roughly use your counter trap card every turn as long as you summon 3 monsters. With most Hermit Youkai monsters being beast warrior you can use Fire Formation - Tenki.

How well will it do against the other decks that are coming out. Against Qliphort with daibakaze you can bounce killer you can also bounce their pendulum scales and use your counter trap card to negate tool. Slowing them down greatly. Against Necloth you can essentially just bounce their ritual monsters. Making it harder for them to maintain field presence. Though they can get over this with preperation of rites. Against spirit beasts  just bounce their fusions, however be prepared that they would just use their fusion's eff to ss more. Though I will say you can easily over run the monsters they would special summon. I feel against the DDDs they will have a terrible match up as that deck will otk you. Since usually on opponent's turn you won't have any monsters. In the mirror match, that revolves around the player and what tech cards they use.

Next is Qliphort. This deck heavily relies on their pendulum scales, and tribute summons. All qliphort monsters except tower has the effect to be able to be normal summoned without tribute, however if they do their atk becomes 1800 and they are level 4. Which if you use skill drain you can by-pass this effect making them their original atk and level. Also all qliphort pendulum monsters have the same effect in which the controller of the card can not special summon any other monsters except qliphort. They use tool to search by paying 800 lp for any qliphort cards including Apoqliphort Tower. Then you have Qliphort Disk on which if it was tribute summoned you can special summon 2 more qliphort from your deck, however they are destroyed at the end phase going back to the extra deck. It is also unaffected by activated effects from any monster whose original level and rank is lower than its current level. Its pendulum effect increases the atk of all Qliphort monsters you control by 300. Next is Qliphort Shell. It is also unaffected by monsters like disk is when it is normal summoned/set. This card is a great monsters. If it was normal summoned by tributing a qliphort monster it can make a 2nd atk in each battle phase and piercing battle damage. Being a 2800 atk beater you can tell this is a great effect. Now for the "smaller" Qliphort. Qliphort Helix basically the same as the others, however if it is tributed (does not matter how) you can destroy 1 spell/trap on the field, and yes it targets. Then there is Qliphort Carrier which is the same effect as the others, but if it is tributed you can return 1 monster on the field to the hand. Pendulum effect increases all qliphort monsters atk by 300, while Shell and Helix makes opponent's monsters lose 300 atk. Now for their boss monster is Apoqliphort Towers. This monster can not be special summoned. It also requires 3 qliphort monsters to be normal summoned/set. Its normal summon/set is unaffected by spell/trap/monster effects whose original level/rank is lower than this monster's original level. Also all special summoned monsters lose 500 atk and def. Once per turn you can make your opponent send 1 monster from their hand or their side of the field to the graveyard (their choice). This monster is really hard to beat. Just it's effect should be enough to see why this is a good card. (Though designed terribly in my opinion.)

Against the current 3. Shaddolls can not beat Towers, however shaddoll can get the upper hand by killing opponent's pendulum zone or field with cards like: Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Lizard. But over-all they will have a tough match up. Against Burning Abyss. They can not beat towers at all, however they can use cards like PWWB, karma cut, and raigeki break. To kill the scales and hope they can beat their opponent. But if they don't face towers they can easily get rid of disk and shell through said cards previously stated above. Against stellarknights, again pretty much same reason as above.

Against other decks from the set. Already stated about Hermit Youkai so see above. Against Necloth it will be a tough match-up as long as the necloth user built their deck correctly. (I do not have much knowledge on this match-up only from discussions but no details.) Spirit Beasts won't stand a chance as they would get OTK before going off. (Sorry Spirit Beasts)

Sadly this is all I can do as I have not had very little first hand knowledge in the other archetypes that are coming out. As I spent most of my time playing Hermit Youkai and Qliphort.

PS: Sorry for giant walls of text. I know I am terrible about doing that.
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:22 am

Jesse, it's okay, I'm much worse.
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:52 am

to shadow sky:
1)in a hermit yokai deck, tenki must at 3
2)in a necloth deck, brio must at 3
reason for both thing is same, searcher is very important in a deck, you can ignore what i said if you want....
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:56 am

@Patrick. I ran hermit Youkai with only 2 tenki which worked out more as i had more room on field. Kamamitachi will search things out anyways. Also it is not good to draw into multiple tenki as you can only use 1 per turn.
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:02 am

suggestion only....... actually my suggestion not important at all^^
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:06 am

I know it was but I was pointing out why I ran 2 tenki.
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PostSubject: Re: FIRST HOMEWORK OF THE SEMESTER   Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:28 am

each player have it own play style
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