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 Team rules.

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*Judgment Dragon*
*Judgment Dragon*

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PostSubject: Team rules.   Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:00 am

Team Rules.

The point of the Inner Academy Teams, is that you put together a team and compete against other teams in the academy. This is the most competitive form of dueling at JDDA. We do this, because it brings forward some of the best duelists in the academy, and allows them to show everyone exactly what it is they're made of. You must be a tested member to participate.. There will be prizes for winning teams, such as DP Remember, this is also about having fun.

When creating a team, you must have 6 members before the team will even be considered to be official; you will be allowed no more or no less than 6 members in your team. The team leader counts as one of the 6 members of the time.

When creating your team, you must make a post in the Teams forum in which this topic is posted in, however you must follow this format when posting. Copy and paste it into your post and fill it out for yourself with your team's own information. Here is an example of what needs to be included;

Team Name:
(Give the full name, then next to it give the initials of your team. For example: Dread the Dragon - DTD.)

Team Banner:
(This is optional, if you don't have one then just fill this one in with the following: N/A.)

Team Leader:
(Each team needs a leader. If the leader is no longer in the team, then the team will become unofficial until they find a new one.)

Team Members:
(List all 3 of the team members. If a member leaves then like if the team leader leaves, this team will become unofficial until they find a new replacement)

You can copy and paste the code below in order to make it a bit easier for you to make your team post.

Team Name:
Team Banner:
Team Leader:
Team Members:

Requesting to join a team;

If you wish to request to join a team rather than create your own, then you can make a post in the same forum as this post. You must follow the format given, and hear by include all of the below when making your request.

Dueling Network Account:
(Example: https://i.imgur.com/zx0pWzh.png)

Team you wish to join:
(Example: Dread The Dragon - DTD)
(If you don't want to join a particular team then just fill this in with N/A.)

Description about yourself:
(Example: I enjoy competitive dueling and I am fairly active most days of the week so I would be a good choice for your team. I have had experience in team dueling while I was at some academies previous to this one.)

You may add anything else you feel will help others determine if you are the correct member to join their team. A code is provided below for you to copy and paste. This is so it is easier for you to make your post on requesting to join a team.

Dueling Network Account:
Team You Wish To Join:
Description About Yourself:

The rules and information for the wars themselves can be found on the following link: http://judgmentdayduelacade.forumotion.co.uk/t22-war-guide#22

If you have anymore questions then feel free to post them on the following link: http://judgmentdayduelacade.forumotion.co.uk/f9-site-questions

Happy dueling.
~Judgment Dragon.


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Team rules.

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