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 Team War Guide.

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*Judgment Dragon*

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PostSubject: Team War Guide.   Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:04 am

War Guide;

At JDDA, the most competitive way of dueling is through team wars. There are currently only two different types of wars that can be played, but we hope to update this post at a later date and add more to the list in order to give a wider range of wars that can be played. The main objective of a team war is to reduce the opposing teams hearts to 0 from what ever they started with. When this is achieved the team that managed to do so, is claimed as the victors. Each player that participates in a team war duel, must show proof of it being a team war duel. You should do this by providing a screenshot of yourself and your opponent agreeing to it being a team war duel. Along with this you must provide proof of your win, ideally a screenshot, but your opponent confirming the win is also acceptable.

While a war is taking place, substitute players may be used in case a member of a team is unable to play for any reason. Both teams must agree on a substitute player who will duel for either team if someone on either team is unable to play.

You must make a post in the same forum that this post is in, which is "Team Wars" requesting a war to take places between your team and your opposing team. Only one person needs to do this. It must be the leader of either team, it doesn't matter which leader does it. We would like to avoid multiple posts of the same thing.

Both teams must also decide on how much DP will be awarded to the winning team. This can be anywhere between 100 and 500 DP. The amount of DP that is decided upon between both parties, will be awarded to each member on the winning team at the end of the team war.

Here is the template that you will need to copy and paste into your post and fill out to request a war;

Your Team's Name:
Opponent's Team Name:
Type Of War:
Winning Prize:

The title of your post should be the initials of your team and your opponent's team, followed by "team war request". For example;

DTD vs JDA Team War Request.

War Types;

At this current time, we have two different types of wars that can be played. These go by the names of Hearts and Sweep. These two types of wars have the same basic concept, but you have different ways you play them in order to secure your victory. When challenging another team to a war, you must declare which type of war you wish to play by. Here are the two options described to you.


In this type of war, each player in the team will have 2 hearts each. The objective is to reduce all the opposing team player's hearts from 2 to 0 in order to claim victory. Each time a player loses a match, they will lose a heart. When a player's hearts have been reduced from 2 to 0, they will be out of the war.

Here is an example of how it will be set out;

     Team A:                  Team B:
Player 1a: 2 hearts.  Player 1b: 2 hearts.
Player 2a: 2 hearts.  Player 2b: 2 hearts.
Player 3a: 2 hearts.  Player 3b: 2 hearts.

A player from one team, is allowed to duel anyone on the opposing team as many times as they like. Each player is allowed to refuse a duel only once a day. However if they refuse a duel to a player one day, then that player asks them for a duel the next day, they are not allowed to refuse. If they do, then they will lose a heart by default.

If a player disconnects or quits a duel, then they will receive an automatic loss.

Dueling rules;

Format: TCG.
Duel Type: Match.
Hosted In: Advanced (Unrated).
Banlist: Latest Ban List.


This type of war will be vaguely similar to the hearts war, but in this type of war, each team will have 6 hearts. The idea is to reduce the opposing team's hearts to 0 in order to claim victory. Each time you lose a duel, a heart will be deducted from your team. When a team's heart count has been deducted from 6 to 0 that team will lose. Players can not be knocked out of this type of war, but every player in a team must duel at least once.

Here is an example of how it will be set out;

Team A: 6 Hearts.   Team B: 6 Hearts.
    Player 1a.              Player 1b.
    Player 2a.              Player 2b.
    Player 3a.              Player 3b.

Each player may duel an opposing player as many times as they wish. Each player has the right to decline a challenge to a duel, but only once a day, and like the hearts version, you can not decline a challenge, on the next day if you declined the same duelist a duel the day before.

If a player disconnects or quits a duel, then they will receive an automatic loss.

Dueling Rules;

Format: TCG/OCG
Duel Type: Single.
Hosted In: Advanced (Unrated).
Ban List: Latest Ban List.


If you have any questions then please feel free to post them on the following link, and somebody will answer them as soon as they can: http://judgmentdayduelacade.forumotion.co.uk/f9-site-questions

Happy Dueling.
~Judgment Dragon.


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Team War Guide.

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