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 WowThatsPrettySad Test Result

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PostSubject: WowThatsPrettySad Test Result   Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:41 am

Testee's name: Phantom1516

Testee's deck: 3.5 Fire Fist

Tester's name: Disconnection

Tester's deck: Evols

Duel results:
1-2 = 10/20

Rulings: 9/10

Flexibility: 4/5
Adapted well to each situation. G2 he couldn't do nuthin'

Control of Duel: 3/5
Control in G1 was high, G2 had 0, G3 back and forth.

Competitiveness: 9/10
Good deck, I recommend on cutting tensen for something more useful buts its really your choice. I also think main decked wiretap will help.

Siding Skills: 10/10
Sided well. Realised I ran a half-heavy backrow deck so went to side against that.

Attitude: 5/5
Fine attitude

Play-style and How Effectively it is Utilized: 20/20
Play-Style suited deck perfectly.

Concentration: 5/5
Full Concentraion

Synergy: 10/10
The deck had great synergy, great deck.

Did they misplay? If they did then deduct 2 points for each of the misplays from their final score and explain which misplays they made.

95 in total Idek out of how much

Dragon Ruler Gold: 97 - 100 (This only applies if testee is taking a re-test for this dorm.)
Lightsworn White: 91 - 100 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Spellbook Green: 70 - 90
Gravekeeper Brown: 69 or lower.

PS dont judge me of shit OP I was tired as fuck when I wrote this.
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PostSubject: Re: WowThatsPrettySad Test Result   Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:49 am

Nice work,and welcome to JDA!
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PostSubject: Re: WowThatsPrettySad Test Result   Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:51 am

WOW! Our first lightsworn white! NICE JOB!
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PostSubject: Re: WowThatsPrettySad Test Result   

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WowThatsPrettySad Test Result

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