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 Points Donations.

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*Judgment Dragon*
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PostSubject: Points Donations.   Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:15 am

Each member is entitled to the option of donating points to another member; however there are rules that need to be followed when doing this, which will be listed below;

~ The most that any member is allowed to donate is 500DP. The reason for this is, if a member doesn't mind donating 1000DP then a member could end up with 1000DP with out even having to work for it, while others have to contribute a lot more to the academy to gain said points.

~ I have decided that there will be no minimum amount that can be donated. As long as the points that are being donated remain 500DP or less then this is fine.

~ Any donations that may take place must first be overseen by an Administrator, who will approve or disapprove of the reason as to why the donation is taking place. (To open a shop, or to take a test etc)

~ Any members that wish to be apart of the donation system must first have gained a post count of 100. That goes for the member donating the points and the member receiving the points.

~ Once a member has donated DP, he/she can not donate again for another week. As to avoid abuse of the donation system. Along with this a member is not able to receive any more points through donation for a week for the same reason.

~ If an admin sees that the donations of DP are being abused, (Bribery, Threats etc..), then an admin will have the right to freeze all donations between those two members; and will if necessary.

Any Questions you may have should be posted on the following link;

Happy Dueling.
~Judgment Dragon.


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Points Donations.

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