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Judgment Day Duel Academy, accepts duelists of all skill levels. We will try to improve your knowledge and skill in order to help you strive to get better during your time here. Judgment day is now upon you. Dread the dragon for he is here.
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 New Ally Inbound

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Tsuko Aiko
Tsuko Aiko

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PostSubject: New Ally Inbound   Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:33 pm

Hello and Avast.
The Name is Tsuko Aiko and I am the hero of the future and will bring hope to you all. I hope to enjoy my stay and duel many wonderful duelists, please don't use DN when dueling me, I prefur it to be on DEVpro or TDOANE
I play Osu and I RP on G+
Username for Osu: Male Reiuji
DN name (if used): Charmerboy96
DEVpro: Tsuko_Aiko or Charmber_Boy96
feel free to call me Aiko.
I am just a friendly duelist and loves a good challange. I may seem a bit short tempered but seeing the things I have and doing what I had to do, I bet you would too. I am 19 and may not always act my age cause we are all kids at heart if we are playing tradecard games.
You will find out more about me when the time is right, and that is when you all start talking and hangout with me
also projectfusion23@gmail.com is my email if you wish to RP long term then do it on Google Plus.
Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

~Tsuko "Synchro Life" Aiko
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New Ally Inbound

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