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 demarionebrown's test results

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PostSubject: demarionebrown's test results   Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:08 am

Testee's name: demarionebrown
Testee's deck: burning abyss

Tester's name: supdesup
Tester's deck: photon galaxies

Duel results: 10/20 1-2 to me

Rulings: 6/10
Student Login - their username at this academy.
Student Password - day
An admin will edit the score for the ruling test when the results come through.
The student will have 25 minuets to complete this test. If they take any longer then they will receive a score of 0.
(This needs to be taken before the duel, not after.)

General Skill: 13/20
Could the testee adapt to the board? ---> He could not adapt, probably because he couldn't make a comeback against my felgrands due to playing a not-so good deck.
How well did they control the duel? ---> bassicly did not have much control because of the deck
How well did they side against you? --> I didnt see any of his side cards being played, his side needs work as well.
How well constructed is their side? ---> needs work, mentioned below
Flexibility: 1/5 Control of Duel: 2/5 Siding Skills: 4/10

Deck Build: 10/40
How competitive is their deck? Now, the deck needs a lot of work.. BA got new support (the tuner, synchro, and a few other monsters) you should include them in your deck. I suggest you take away effect veiler, mathematician, dark armed (because it can give you a dead draw), chaos sorcerer, the pot, torrential tribute(bad this format), dark hole(play geki if you really want to) After you have taken away those cards, you should add 2/3 fire lake, 2 calcab, 1 alich, 2/3 rubix. Karma cut is also good. in the side, you should add cards which counter nowadays meta, so cards like  fairy wind, spell-shattering or even d.d. crow. YOu can also try stormforth with majesty and fiend.in the main, 3 fortune toon is too much, there should one be 1 or none. Also, nightmare shark and the string dijin belongs there
Do the cards in their deck work well together? ^^^
How well did they utilize their play style? he did everything he could, just misplayed a few times which mentioned below
Competitiveness: 4/10 Synergy: 4/10 Utilization of play style: 15/20

Attitude: 5/5
Nice guy

Concentration: 2/5
Misplayed badly when he knew I had honest.... Apart from that, he paid a lot of concentration

Misplays: -4
He misplayed with veiler, using it on the effect on my wizard. Also, even though I summoned honest towards the end of g3, so it could attack, and then bounce to my hand, he attacked my felgrand the next turn...

Score: 66/100

Dragon Ruler Gold: 97 - 100 (This only applies if testee is taking a re-test for this dorm.)
Lightsworn White: 91 - 100
Spellbook Green: 70 - 90
Gravekeeper Brown: 69 or lower. --->you were so close to green! This is mainly due to the deck, stay active, and rank up to green soon!
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demarionebrown's test results

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