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 Shadow Duelist Information.

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PostSubject: Shadow Duelist Information.   Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:21 am

How to become a Shadow Duelist.

~Earn enough wins in the Shadow Realm to gain the Shadow Realm Amateur User Bar. For those who are not aware of the amount of wins this takes, it's 10.
~Have at least 100 posts. This might seem hard, but if you are active enough on this academy then it will be one of the easiest things to do.
~Be a tested member. We have no restrictions on what dorm you tested into, as to whether you can become a Shadow Duelist, but you must be a tested member.

When you become a Shadow Duelist, you will be in the same dorm you were in before, the only change will be that you are a Shadow Duelist as well.

What a Shadow Duelist does.

A Shadow Duelist, will be able to duel any member of their choice, no matter what dorm or staff position they are. (Must be a tested member.) You will duel them in a match duel. If you win this duel, you will gain all of their DP, no matter how much or little they have, and obviously, the win will be added to your SR Record. If the member that you challenge wins, then they will lose, but nor will they gain any DP what so ever; however they will have the win added to their SR Record. Once you have dueled a member, you are not allowed to challenge them again for another 24 hours. The member may decline the challenge, but you will gain all of their DP by default.

Hiring a Shadow Duelist.

Any member can hire a Shadow Duelist. The member will have to pay 1000DP. They will then need to tell the Shadow Duelist, which member they wish them to duel. If the Shadow Duelist wins then half of the opponent's DP will be awarded to the Shadow Duelist, while the other half will be awarded to the member who hired them. The Shadow Duelist, should then make a post in the Shadow Realm forum, and include the following;

Member who hired:
Member beaten:
Screenshot of win:

After this post is made, the DP will be awarded to both the Shadow Duelist, and the member who hired them.

If the Shadow Duelist fails to win, then the member who hired will receive a refund of their 1000DP. The shadow Duelist must make a post that includes the following, if they lost;

Member hired:
Member lost to:
Screenshot of loss:

After this post is made, the DP will be refunded.

Happy Dueling.
~Judgment Dragon


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Shadow Duelist Information.

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