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Judgment Day Duel Academy, accepts duelists of all skill levels. We will try to improve your knowledge and skill in order to help you strive to get better during your time here. Judgment day is now upon you. Dread the dragon for he is here.
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 Starter Guide.

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*Judgment Dragon*
*Judgment Dragon*

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PostSubject: Starter Guide.   Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:12 am


1. Academy Rules.
2. Chatbox Rules.
3. Usernames.
4. Warning System.
5. Introducing Yourself.
6. Testing.
7. Re-Test.
8. Academy Images.

Academy Rules.

While in this academy we will ask you to please follow these simple rules we have set out below to avoid any form of arguments, upsets and maintain order in the academy.

- No racial remarks.
- No sexist comments.
- No stalking.
- Respect other members and there opinions.
- No unnecessary use of profanity or vulgarity.
- No spamming.
- No offensive comments.
- No Necro Posting.
- No selling or buying accounts at JDA.
- No giving accounts for free at JDA.
- You are held responsible for all above preformed on your account.

Chatbox Rules.

These rules MUST be followed while using the chatbox at anytime. Three strikes and you're out.
-No use of profanity what so ever.
-No links, comment or mention of any type of pornographic material or that may be harmful or inappropriate to a user or this forum.
-No spamming. (This consists of continuously entering the same thing into the chat or just continuously entering things into the chat that do not contribute to any conversations currently taking place)
-Do not disrespect any member of this forum. This means no disrespecting members or staff. (There is a difference between speaking your mind and disrespecting)
-No excessive use of caps. The odd comment here or there is fine, but no excessive use of caps.
-No comments on others/or your own religious views. This can cause an argument very easily.
-No sexist jokes or remarks are to be made.
-No harassment.


You can not use a username that has already been taken by another member.
No usernames that are racist, sexual, sexist, contain obscene language or anything of that nature or in which could offend anybody.
Black people scare me.
Women get back in the kitchen.
I like penis.
No names containing more than 17 characters.
If you are caught with names like these (trust me you will be) your name will be changed to a different name and you will be sent a private message and receive your first warning.

You can not have a name that has the symbol '@' at the beginning, if you include this it will be removed without notice.
The reason for this is because administrators and moderators, receive this symbol at the beginning of their name to show they have chatbox powers, and it will just confuse new/members as to who actually possess these powers.

Warning system.

Chatbox warnings;
First warning - Verbal Warning.
Second Warning - Kicked from the chatbox.
Third warning - Banned from the chatbox for 24 hours.
If you receive less than 3 of these warnings, and 24 hours have passed with no further hitches, then you will be reset back to having no warnings. However, if you decided to create a loophole with this, by abusing the reset of warnings, you will be banned for 24 hours.

Forum warnings;
First warning - Verbal warning.
Second warning - Verbal warning.
Third warning - You will be banned from the forum for 24 hours.
Fourth Warning - You will be IP banned.

I hope to not have to preform any such actions, but if necessary it will be done. Try not to let yourself get into that position.

Introducing yourself.

When you sign up we would like it if you introduced yourself in the introductions and farewell section that can be found on this following link, so we can then get to know you a bit better.


When being tested, these are the rules for the test;

- No Burn Decks.
- No Stall Decks.
- No OTK/FTK Decks.
- No Exodia.
- No Deck Out.
- No Lockdown.
- No Mill Decks. (With the exception of Lightsworns.)
- No Deck Destruction.
- No Alternate Win Condition.
- No Pendulums.

It will be a match duel.

If you notice the person testing you making mistakes and misplays then don't be alarmed as he/she is doing it to test your knowledge of the game, this is where you are suppose to point out the mistakes if you realize them. If you do not use your best deck and don't do as well as you would of done, then that is your problem not ours as we will not make exceptions for people who complain they did not use there best decks. You will have to save up DP, and buy a retest from the main shop if you want to do this again.

The testing rubric we will be using can be found on the following link.


You can gain a re-test to a higher dorm with the following requirements.

Gravekeeper Brown re-test to Spellbook Green.
Points - 500
Posts  - 100

Spellbook Green re-test to Lightsworn White.
Points - 750
Posts  - 100

Lightsworn White re-test to Dragon Ruler Gold.
Points - 1000
Posts  - 100

It may seem hard when you join and start with nothing, but it is pretty easy if you're an active member.

Academy Images

Any GFX that represent this academy (Banner etc) that are seen being displayed on other academies or sites with out our permission will be prosecuted in the correct manner.


This is pretty much it so please enjoy your stay here, anything else you want to know can be found around the academy and if you can't then feel free to PM me, an administrator or a moderator and we will reply as soon as possible. Or as an alternative method, follow this link and make a post about it here:

Happy Dueling.
~Judgment Dragon.


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Starter Guide.

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